Hello y’all, please hurl your rotten tomatoes gently, ‘cos here comes another indulgent mommy post..a few more precious nuggets from my son’s mouth.. 😛

My son has always been very interested in the sound that the heart makes. His beats very fast, like a galloping horse, while mine seems to be slightly slower. The other day he had a bad stomach upset and his stomach was making the weirdest rumbling noises.

He came up to me, his face crunched up with seriousness and told me this – “Amma, I think my heart has fallen into my stomach. Its making a lot of noise”! Now, that, can make any mom’s day. I had to control the mad urge to giggle and try to address his grave (almost life threatening) concern.

Or take this one, for instance. He had gone on a vegetable market trip from his school. He told me he saw a lot of vegetables. He also told me he saw spinach and with a lot of earnest disappointment he said “Amma, spinach looks a lot like soppu” (‘soppu’ in kannada can be loosely translated to any green leafy vegetable). LOL…the sad dramatic look on his face was priceless…how could spinach turn out to be just soppu??!! (thats life, aint it?)

My beautiful boy, here is hoping your heart always beats the same lovely rhythm and the wonder in your eyes never dim and you never stop being the curious cat that you are! 🙂

P.S: That is my sister in the background, talking on the phone while managing to message on her mobile as well…yeah, I know, we are a talented family 😛