Facebook is accessible in our office nowadays..my first reaction was to say ‘yippiee’ and then reply to every other status update, ‘like’ comments and articles, comment on random photos…you know the drill. After a couple of days, the fever wore off and my profile was being flooded with updates like the ones below:

Best husband

Umm..Do I really want someone who calls me ‘baby’ … No thanks! The cheating and lying part..yeah most important. But just imagining a husband telling his friends how he truly feels about his wife, makes me want to guffaw! I would love to hear what a husband truly feels for his wife, especially in front of his friends. I have a feeling it might not be all that complimentary 😛

Best sister

Really! So there is something called sister’s week??!! Who/when and why?
I just remember that my sister told the entire family (read half a dozen uncles, aunts and as many cousins) about my first crush and the fact that I was on the phone when I was supposed to be studying :P…I do love her, but ‘you cant do anything without her’ is a bit too much. Without her unsolicited help, my love life might have actually bloomed 😛 (If you are reading this, trust me, I do love you girl..promise)


Yikes! Do I really need to be reminded of this, with just a few months to cross the threshold of my 20’s into the 30’s. I don’t want to be caught dead on a wheelchair in an embroidered nightie. 😦 (and it doesnt help that I am not half as good-looking as the lady in the photo to start off with. Don’t want to imagine the end results :P)
Very encouraging for anyone who is lonely…grrrrrrrrr

Dear FBite, let me make it very clear to you, that your idea of helping someone sucks. It actually sucks big time.. It does not help telling a lonely person that he/she will have loneliness for company forever, and what’s with all that blood?? A snatch from ‘Aahat’??

What is it about FB that you dislike/like? And does anyone know a way to block these useless posts which get shared around??