Yeah thats the Bournvita quiz contest jingle…I  love books and I loved the jingle.

Today I woke up to this…

Nothing else could have made me happier…the sight of my son holding a book and reading it (very different from the initial ‘tear it’ phase) warmed the very cockles of my heart :).

Finally all the efforts of telling him stories, even when I was about to drop down, seemed to be paying off. Anyone who knows me well, will tell you the sort of addiction I have to books. Books are to me, a friend, a companion, that you can actually carry around in your bag. One who will always give you company in an airport/train/coffee shop, on a lonely day or a sleepless night or a warm afternoon. The feeling of having passed on the love for reading to my son and the fact that he will now have a friend for life was heartening!

This post is going to be all about books for toddlers and babies even (yeah).. (and yes it is going to involve a lot of pictures :P)

My son actually started off with these plastic, squeaky books. They definitely made bath time easier for both of us 🙂




He was hooked onto the Thomas train you tube videos and the Thomas train sets, so I bought him this book. These books are beautifully illustrated and the expressions on the trains’ faces are lovely and very realistic. I have read somewhere that these toys and books are used to help autistic children identify different emotions..




This one is beautiful…with the message that size doesn’t really matter, especially when you have the will. I guess both me and my son needed this in equal measure 😛





This one, now, is an all time classic. I am waiting to show him the movie some time soon. Both of us are so much in love with Ballu and Bhageera already 🙂






   This is a calming, perfect sleep time / nap time read. relaxing for both the    parent    and the baby.





This is my all time favourite. It’s by the author of ‘Goodnight moon’ – Margaret Brown.

The story revolves around  a bunny who wants to run away from its mother. The mother tells the little bunny how she will always be with him, even when he is angry, upset and sad. Helps ease separation anxiety.

I love the part where the bunny threatens to become a bird and fly away. The mother retorts that she will turn into a tree and wait to hug the bunny-bird when it lands on her 🙂





The ‘Spot’ and ‘Bubbles’ series..handy while trying to teach everyday lessons of politeness, honesty and obedience! (You could even try the ‘Barney’ books. My son doesnt prefer those though.)



This now is equivalent to an X-box, Playstation (as the friend who gifted this would tell you) and much,much more.You get to go to a different world and have wonderful adventures with the three kids every day.





   My son’s favourite character – the Saucepan man, he can’t hear anything over the din of clanging pots and pans 😛

The comic mis-hearings of Saucepan, never fails to bring on a fit of giggles 😀




This is all my father’s doing. He handles my son’s mythology department and has an entire collection of these comics (dating back to circa 1980 and 90s..yeah he has preserved all my comics !)



What would you read as a kid? what do you read to your kids? Did you find this small list helpful? Would you want to add onto it??

I am all ears….