As he tosses and turns cartwheels in his sleep, my body has learnt to accommodate for his awkwardly sticking out legs, sometimes they find a place on my tummy and sometimes on my face.

This is not something new that I have had to learn, when he was a wee little thing inside me, my womb grew and flexed and made space, so that he could grow, so that he could be… such an integral part of ‘me’ but also separate, a different entity.

The strange thing is, my heart has learnt to expand and grow as well. Being a mother has taught me forgiveness, love, patience and a lot  more. The sorta love where giving makes you happy. My only reward being a pair of tiny hands entwined around my neck, sudden bursts of affection, sloppy, snotty kisses and his warm breath fanning my cheek as he dozes off to sleep. These are things I value above all.

Today is the third anniversary of the birth of a baby and a mother. Happy birthday my dear son…words are simply not enough to express the love I feel for you…but like always and in everything, I try 🙂