It is always a thrill to find out the origin of words and phrases. With 2012 and the end of the world looming ahead :P, I have been reading people’s bucket lists and wanted to know how the phrase came about!

Bucket List – “A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.”

I want to write one too..was my first thought! I have always adhered to the norms of the society…got married, had a kid, adjusted and compromised and all that jazz…but when will I ever do the stuff that I have always, always wanted to??

Remember Nargis Fakhri in Rockstar and her list before marriage…I might have lost that opportunity, but want to make good the chance that the year 2012 has to offer me 😛

So here goes:

1) Have an open mind and try weird stuff.

My colleague suggested that I have dosa with ice-cream and he was raving about the combo…and guess what?? I tried it aaaaand…it was great!











2) Get sloshed once and find out what a hangover really feels like.

3) Get my hair straightened. (You would understand if you see the sad excuse, that I call hair 😦 )

4) Take myself and everyone I love to Goa and show my son how beautiful the waves and the sand and moonlight really are.

5) Blow up a lot of money and shop till I drop in Singapore.

6) Buy myself some diamonds.

7) Try to do yoga atleast thrice a week.

8) Become an entrepreneur.

9) Do a diploma in fine arts (paintng)

10) Read a lot of books and own them as well. (Nothing, I say, nothing can replace the feeling that the smell and sight of yellowed pages of a well loved book can give you).

11) Learn to apply make-up.

12)Buy myself flowers every month/whenver the mood strikes me.

13)Spend more time with my family, especially my son.

14) I am woefully lacking in my repertoire of movie watching. I will watch all the classic hollywood movies and the blockbusters :). (I havent watched Matrix..I am ashamed of myself, but would you still be my friend?please..pretty please??)

15)Write a book! (What is a bucket list for, if I cant write in improbable dreams..)

16)Remember to thank and make life happier for all the wonderful friends I have (and try to remember their birthdays :P).

17) Be a better person.

18) Be a part of some activity that helps children.

19) Finger paint with my son and sister.

20) There is one more..that I am dilly dallying over putting on the world wide web..for now I will keep it to myself and hope and pray it comes true…

There, that is a big enough list. Write me your lists, weird things you would want me to try out and stuff like that.

Oh, yeah..there is another slightly different thing that I usually do, that people in my office find very weird..

Mix some boost into a cup of good old filter coffee…yum!!

Happy new year to all of you. Be good and have fun 🙂 (wanted to write something with a lot of depth and meaning..couldnt come up with a thing :P)