I like the word ‘indolence’, sort of makes my laziness seem classy. A couple of days ago, I had an entire two hours all to myself! No kid, no work, no nothing!and to boot, I was out of home, in faraway Indiranagar- A classy location with lovely eateries,a shopping paradise…I could feel a grin slowly spreading on my face :).

I have always loved the 100 feet Boutique restaurant in Indiranagar, but never had the time to explore it. So in I went.

Had one of the most relaxing afternoons ever..their pita bread and hummus is to die for. I always relish their six cheese platter with crackers and a glass of good wine. The ambience is amazing. If you get a chance, try to get  a table near their outdoor fish pond and you could spend an entire hour just looking at the fish.

tables around the fish pond

The service is top-notch as well. The waiters are always around the corner, but not in- your – face.

The boutique houses quirky, interesting and very Indian goods, from aromatic soaps and lotions to candles and incense sticks, beautiful silk and cotton dresses, some lovely footwear and some really funky earrings. (I didn’t end up buying a thing, ‘cos every time I tried to pick up something, I knew I could buy it at commercial street for a much cheaper price!)

All in all , a great way to spend some time and wholesome laziness always does you good !

I will leave you with a few pics (couldn’t take pictures of the food, was too hungry and wolfed it down first :P)

My ideal state..lazing around in the sun..I love those funky frogs, but they weren't on sale 😦


Feet of clay..eh??


Putting down my armour and weapons 😛