The refreshing smell of mint and rose fill the room, hazy smoke lingers on in the air. Cups and plates filled with coffee, chamomile tea, sandwiches, onion rings keep moving around. Friends, laughter.. conversations..

That my friends is Cuppa for you…

The day was a hard one and a friend of mine had been raving about the cuppa and the hookah experience. So off we went!

We ordered vegetable sandwich, onion rings and hot chocolate. Trust you me..they serve the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted.(and that is definitely something coming from a hot chocolate connoisseur) It is creamy, thick, sweet and chocolaty of course. You have to drink one to believe it! It is served at the right temperature as well. You can start slurping it the moment it arrives and not scald your tongue in the process!

The sandwich and onion rings were passable too.

We then ordered a mint see, this is where the fun begins. We were somehow under the impression that the hookah doesn’t have tobacco and is just flavored steam.(.ughh..naive, I know..)

After a few puffs, I coughed a bit, but managed to learn how to let the steam out through my nose. (Actually felt very funny doing it, almost like a fire-breathing dragon!). A few puffs later my head began to swim. So I passed the hookah and lapped up the remnants of my hot chocolate. Attributed the light headedness to my empty stomach.

When the hookah came back to me and I took a few more puffs, my head began to reel in earnest.My ‘getting high\getting-a-buzz’ limits are very low, a glass of wine can do me in..but even I should have been immune to flavoured water vapour..right?!

We paid our bills and asked the guy to show the contents of what goes into the hookah. The label on the can actually read ‘Tobacco’!

We were both taken aback..

I came back and did some surfing on google and this is what I found:

What the Study says about Hookah Smoking ?

  • Researches indicate that hookah smoking can be even more harmful to health than cigarette smoking.
  • Hookah smoke has a higher level of heavy metals and carbon monoxide than cigarette smoke, because of the charcoal which is burned on top of the tobacco mixture.
  • A 45 minutes of hookah smoking is equivalent to smoking 50 tobacco cigarettes.
  • It was found that smoking hookah for 45 minutes means consuming tar equivalent in 20 tobacco cigarettes.
  • The amount of cellular chromosomal damage produced inside the mouth in hookah smoking is the same as that seen in cigarette smoking.
  • The WHO advisory note states that “water-pipe smokers inhale more smoke resulting in more exposure to cancer causing chemicals and hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide. … Water-pipe smokers and secondhand smokers are at risk for the same kinds of diseases as are caused by cigarette smoking, including cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease and adverse effects during pregnancy.”


Also did you know that Hookah smoking is a banned activity and that is why we end up paying exorbitant amount for a hookah??!! (I didn’t!)

The experience was certainly fun, relaxing and the hot chocolate beyond delicious but certainly not something I want to repeat anytime soon 😛