Of late, I have felt like lashing out at nobody in particular at the unfairness of all that was/is happening to me. It just wasnt fair. I wasnt meant to end up like this! How could my friends X, Y and Z have all that I could have ever dreamed of and not me?? I have felt envious..yes.

Today I just want to say “Thank you, Susan!”. If you want to know who Susan is, click the link.

This is what she says: “Life is given to each of us.  We each get one shot at this sucker, and we are never really told that it will be fair.  We each get one life, one daily wage, and that’s it.  The guy next door gets one life to live.  The mom down the street gets one too.  No one ever promised us the same life, the same opportunities, the same blessings, or the same time to live.  No one ever promised that.  We are promised one opportunity, one life”. (Read full post.)

Life probably wasn’t meant to be fair. Imagine the times you have just managed to scrape through the exams you had hardly studied for :P. What would  our fates be if life started being fair about everything! We only complain when we think we are not getting our due. Just remember the several times, we have more than our fair share of success, glory and love.

I have a wonderful supportive family and friends who have held my hand, been my punching bags and everything else in between when I demanded it. I have an awesome kid who is healthy, has been born with ten perfect toes and fingers. I have my health intact. I have a job that I like going to everyday! That is more than my fair share of blessings, I say!

Susan, a cancer patient with a rare form of cancer passed away on the 6th of this month. I happened to come by her blog and what she wrote was just what I needed today…to remind me to count my blessings, my unfair share of treasures in life, to remind me of how lucky I am!

To also remind me not to compare my life, my journey with that of others. I do not and cannot understand another’s journey and their pitfalls.

She also writes this as her mantra:


All that survives after our death are publications and people.”

It finally boils down to what you write, your words, your actions that write the words of your character and relationships – people..for those are the only things you will be remembered by.

Take time today to just count the treasures in your life. To remember and be grateful for the good things and just be grateful for this life..the unfair life 🙂

Love and peace,