At the silk board traffic signal..

Dance is when the barrier between the body and the soul ceases to exist. Dance is liberating, rejuvenating, has always been for me. To see masters of this craft at work is equally wonderful!

Everyday, I get stuck in the Silkboard traffic signal and everyday nature puts up a show for our sakes. Not sure how many of us there  watch this spectacle.

At-least a hundred birds, rise from the swampy land on the other end, soar into the sky in a graceful ark and then fly in formations back and forth a couple of times and then they disperse…they break rank and just fly away in different directions.

It is most beautiful to watch( and I am not even sure what sort of birds they are and why they do what they do!).

It is that moment in the day for me when I am completely at peace, in tune with nature and let my spirit soar along with the birds.

These are the ballerinas/ballerinos, perhaps a tad more graceful than the human they rise and fly and swish from one direction to another.. bring a lot of joy to anyone who cares to watch!