My son has taken to photography in a big way…what I mean is he has been using my phone to click away. Some of the photos have  turned out to be really interesting..some hilarious and some adorably cute! Since I chose not to inflict the torture on myself alone, here are some selected samples 😛

A wound just about healed... a lil boy's battle scars 😛


A teddy bear caught in the web of...umm..a mosquito net 😉


Tell me..where else would you find a white tiger and a jet plane together??


Whiskers on kittens...




seld-portrait 😉




The current rage..


Leash and slippers, if an adult had taken it, there would be deep meanings read into photography I say!

Leash and photography I say!


Another set of mother son duo 😛


The photographer himself...he has very definite ideas on how I should shoot him 😛


 Me thinks the kiddo has definite possibilities in a photography career, but that’s just a biased mother speaking :P. Hope you people found it as funny and cute as I did..if you didn’t, sorry for serenading you with all of …this !