I had four days of leave, the key word being ‘had’. Yes, and they are over now and I am back to the regular grind of work-home-work routine. I think I hate driving in the traffic more than anything else…but a girl’s gotto do what she has to.

But I had four days off and relished each one of them.

Had loads of fun with my son (you see how fun and son rhyme even! actually child and wild also rhyme..but that is not what this post is gonna be about :P)

On Friday, me and my kiddo made easter eggs..yeah, seemed like a fun thing to do and we had all the supplies on hand and YES..you are about to get a ‘How to make easter eggs’ tutorial 😛

Disclaimer: A few pics can gross you out. Be forewarned before you scroll down any further.

Make two holes, one at the top and the other at the bottom using a sharp object..make the bottom hole slightly wider.

My son was a champion blower outer 😛

For making omelette later 🙂

three clean, dry egg shells to work with!


We then stuck them onto empty bottle caps to make them stand..and thats it actually! Oh, yeah..we also ate a lot of ice creams and went to a small hill station. What did you do the past weekend?