“Ondu half tea heLi Anil”, yeah that’s how my love affair with chai started. it was one of my best buddies who introduced me to half cup chai in our college canteen, then another friend’s mom who used to make tea for all of us when we crash landed in her house and my love for the drink has grown in leaps and bounds and sometimes I have felt that we (my gang of engineering college buddies) have come a long way from the quintessential ‘half-cup’…on second thoughts…maybe not 😛

We have now enough money in our pockets to buy ourselves fancy teas in ‘Infinitea’ or the sad tea of a Coffee Day,But I don’t think any of those can match up to the teas drunk bunking classes and lazing in college long after the canteen was almost deserted.

Somehow tea drinking is hardwired to happy memories in my brain and maybe that’s why I love it so much. I still remember the early morning rides during my night shift days, just to have a glass of tea on MG road from the road side chaiwalah or the drive down to Shivajinagar , all for a cup of tea in the by-lanes!

From the élite black tea to the humble sweetened milky chai, from the flowery chamomile tea to the healing green tea…I love them all. But I love the road side/ bakery cha the best! I truly believe that its the glass cups that they serve the tea in that makes all the difference! I have long since wanted to replicate the taste at home and searched for those glass shots through the web and everywhere else. One of my friends suggested that I go to the chaiwala himself and ask for a few!…AND…I did just that!! Oh! and he gave me five brand new glasses for Rs.6 each, all the while grinning and looking at me like I had lost my marbles 😛 but what the heck, today morning I had my ginger tea in those glasses and tea never tasted this good, ever!

Isnt it strange how a glass of tea represents to me the beauty of solitude as well as the pleasures of company?!













I will leave you with this and hope you all relish your cuppa a bit more after reading this….

“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. ”
Eleanor Roosevelt