Beautiful,beautiful weather..especially in the mornings. It’s enough to get me,yeah ME out of bed!! I manage to include a session of yoga or a long walk most often than not, all thanks to the weather.

Today was more so pleasant as it was a saturday. I set out for a walk without a care about the list of things to do, a stray drop of rain on my cheek, the cool breeze, a tapanguchchi song blasting from the radio of a construction worker who was washing his clothes (and no, I did not notice the lean mean muscles in his arms :P), smoke from a breakfast being cooked over an open fire, a boy and his get the flow..

The flowers for me and the remains of the insect, I thought (and thought right) would be of particular interest to my son!It almost seemed as if an expert taxidermist had just sucked the insides out and the body was beautifully preserved..This just floated down in front of me as I was walking.

Enough to get my creative juices flowing. I cooked up an experimental dish which tasted really fun! (If you know the pineapple gojju served during most brahmin weddings…I substituted the pineapple with a few mangoes which would have gone bad by tomorrow..), Me and my partner in my arty escapades, a.k.a my son went and bought a lot of small tins of asian paints and roamed gully-gully to get holes bored in a couple of wine bottles and his ‘nandini flavoured milk’ bottle. Armed with all this ammunition we set out to create some , for the lack of  a better term, bottle-lamps!

We actully got holes drilled at the bottom of the bottles and inserted the fairy lights,  I think they are called (the ones that are hung on christmas trees) into the bottle through the hole, just leaving the cord and the plug.

I have to say they looked really cute. My son even painted some gold flowers on his!

Check them out 🙂

The weird-looking photo is a closeup of the hole we got drilled 😛