‘I am going to Ibiza..yooo..I am going to Ibiza..lalaa’..actually I am going some place even more beautiful (to me at least)! I am going to Valley of flowers(You can ask me to shut up and I wont mind one single bit. I know I have harped on this one to anyone who will/wont listen :P).

I bought myself a pair of Quechua trekking shoes and just can’t leash in my excitement. they are beyond awesome :P. I went for a looooong morning walk in the weekend, of course with my new shoes on and they are an absolute delight.I shouldnt have run in them, but me being me, I did and have sore legs because of that. But otherwise, they behave beautifully!


That apart, it was a beautiful morning with just a light drizzle, a freshness in the air and little gems of water droplets hanging everywhere.

Nature seemed to me a beautiful woman, just out of a bath with droplets glistening on the ends of her long mane, enrapturing everyone with her beauty and careless elegance..

Now instead of me blubbering, i will let the photos I took, do the talking. Beauty has just about compromised enough for my skills and a below average mobile camera 🙂

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