The big three-O

I thought I would write a poem..mad, fun and flirty

But oh! just realized I am already thirty..

All I got to do now is wait..

To get slow, dim and fat

Not much pizzazz..

I am just an old lass..

Yeah people I hit the big thirty a few days ago and have wondered whats this milestone people keep talking about. How could I get so old..when I have always thought of myself as so young??!

At eighteen I thought I would never turn 23..and thirty was beyond imagination.

All my teens and most of the twenties were spent longing for longer legs, leaner hips, smaller bottom and straighter hair..(didn’t we all crave for a body we weren’t blessed with).

Its only around the late twenties and thirties that I really started owning myself and accepting and appreciating what I had. I was comfortable in my skin. Literally and figuratively! So for me thirty is not all that bad.

No gray hair yet, but signs of a wrinkle to come. I am more active and happy than I ever was in the twenties. More funds to spend and a lot more wisdom to invest and save.

A lot of inhibitions left and a more non-judgmental attitude to boot.

More books read, more experiences I have had.

The scars on my body tell the tales of battles hard-won, of love lost and gained, the wrinkles, of the many internal struggles still raging on..

On the flip side, I am not over the hill yet, but the hill is in sight 😉

If you ask me, thirties rock and today thirties are the new twenties, so there is another decade to really let the frown etch its story between my brows!

Whats your story? are you the young and naïve twenty something or a thirty plus rock star or a wise old owl?