All hell seems to have broken loose over Marissa Mayer – the first pregnant CEO of a fortune 500 company!

My husband very recently asked me if this was fair to the baby-to-be or to yahoo…My first reaction was to pounce back like a tigress protecting my territory and tell the questioner that of course it was fair! I am a working woman. I have been a pregnant working woman.(I worked till a week before my delivery and in the inflexible insensitive Indian work environment, it is something!). I am a working mom (working outside the home that is. I truly believe that all mothers are working home or outside or both..).

After that incident, I have been mulling over, reading numerous articles and have had a huge chunk of thinking time…and..I still want to pounce!! 😛

First things first..lets not even begin to compare Marissa with the ordinary working women. She is rich, she is in charge and am sure has a huge team of support staff to do her bidding..But one way or the other, she has become the poster woman for working women/working mothers.

But the very fact that such a fuss is being made about her appointment seems sexist to me. Yahoo knew what they were getting into when they hired her. She is 37 and her biological clock is ticking away. So does she need to make a choice between having a baby or taking up the CEO position? Why can’t she have both? Would the same questions be raised about a father-to-be who has been offered a CEO position? Not likely, if you ask me. There would have been hearty congratulations and drinks and gaiety all around at his abundant luck.

That said, being a parent means different things to a man and a woman. A woman has been traditionally expected to be the primary care giver. But things are changing. It’s not going to be easy for Marissa or any other new mother to handle outside responsibilities. Pregnancy and birth are traumatic for the mother both mentally and physically. You definitely need time to heal and recuperate.

That does not mean we begrudge Marissa her choices. Maybe she chooses not to breastfeed. maybe she chooses to co-sleep to make up for lost time..whatever..they are her choices. She is an adult who has decided to take up the CEO position as well as become a mother. She thinks she can handle them well. Deciding to be a parent is a very personal thing. Let us accept that there are going to be difficulties. But lets not write her off (Yay! Marissa..way to go girl!!)

Go for everything girl!

Another thing that pops up is the fact that no one raised a hue and cry when Steve Jobs pretended that everything was fine with his health in order to protect Apple stocks. I am sure battling cancer takes up a lot of time and energy. Why then this whole debate about Marissa. She is taking a couple of weeks off. She has, I am sure, an amazing support system. She might succeed in giving the baby all the love and time it needs. She might also succeed as the CEO of Yahoo and turn things around for the company.

I don’t know about you, but I am surely going to be keeping my eyes and ears open for any news on Marissa. Even after all this hullabaloo dies down.

Licia Ranzolli a MEP from Italy who took her baby for a session at Strasbourg. The 35-year-old was taking advantage of relatively relaxed rules that allow women to take their baby to work with them.

Not starting the women Vs men debate..but the country in general needs to be more sensitized with the possibilities and growth and special needs that being a woman and a mother brings along with it. We need to learn to be more flexible, more respectful of the choices any individual makes.

Every woman deserves the right to make her own choices. To make her own mistakes. TO LIVE HER LIFE the way she chooses and no one has any business telling her what (in their limited and constricted world view) they think is right or wrong.