Umm..well not exactly, you really can’t have the cake and then eat it too..but my weekend turned out pretty awesome and it felt like I had the cake and ate it too!

I got to watch some beautiful cinema – ‘Barfi’. It is (as most of you know by now) a story about a deaf and dumb boy, played by Ranbir Kapoor.

Well actually the movie is about love, the many forms it takes and the metamorphosis it undergoes..

It is a story where three young people learn that love cannot be constrained by the dictates of society or norms of the day.( Many of us go through life without learning this lesson.) Ranbir is wonderful as Barfi. The only other person I can imagine in that role would have been Kamal Hassan, and that is saying something!

Ranbir acts with a certain Chaplinesque charm and sometimes puts in mind of Raj Kapoor, whose acting was again much inspired by Chaplin..but there is a sincerity and charm that comes across. Priyanka Chopra, I have always liked as an actress and she almost manages to steal the show from Ranbir! She works hard to make us forget that she is Priyanka the star and I found her very believable as Jhilmil, the autistic girl.

Illeana D’Cruz has also performed well, as the girl who gives up love for more practical considerations and then portrays well, the pain and helplessness that her character Shruthi feels when she finds out that its too late to get her love back..

The movie is made up of a lot of heart melting moments and scenes. For some reason, I found the scene where Jhilmil teaches Barfi to write his name, with the B reversed  very endearing and that’s how in the end he signs his marriage papers..these are the touches which make the movie beautiful for me.

This is a movie about love and hence about life..and somehow to make a movie which explores the deepest intricacies of life, I feel one needs to know death intimately. Death gives perspective on the problems of life and the director Anurag Basu, is a cancer survivor…

A must watch movie!

This apart, we made a short trip to Nandi hills. It was more beautiful than I had ever expected..beautiful weather..cottony grey clouds and mists surrounding us at times and suddenly the wind clearing it all up. The greenery around, the beautiful sunrise seen from atop an ancient watch tower, the hot masala dosas and tea in the morning chill all added to the experience.

We also saw a lot of monkeys…these were two of them..

Rishi and Myc in synchronised Hanuman avatar..

Not many people know about this, but there is paragliding atop the mountain and it happens in the non-rainy seasons. So waiting to go back in December and glide down the Nandi Durga, where kings once walked, the English viceroys relaxed and many a prisoner met a gory death from the Tipu drop. This is also the place where Gandhi and Nehru stayed.

For more information about paragliding please check out

Ciao People. Dont worry, be BARFI!!