Have you seen a drop of ink when dropped into a glass swirling, until it makes the water its own…or is it the water that usurps the ink drop? Have you spent a night devoid of sleep? With thoughts swirling in your head..until you become the thoughts or is it the thoughts that take hold of you?

Until at one point you stop tossing and turning and get out hoping for a break from the never-ending swirl of memories and questions of future and fears..all forming a nasty sludge in your sleep deprived brain.

What is it about the night…that it is always associated with the unholy, the dark, the bad? What is it about the night that makes minuscule problems look huge? makes them feel insurmountable?

When the mind rebels and refuses to stay quiet, denying the body much-needed rest. Are the mind and the body so separate, so different? Or are they so interconnected, meshed, that disquiet in one can cause unrest in the other? There is no vent, even the tears refuse to flow..I try assuaging the body with food and water, a few more pillows under my head..but it needs a human touch, a hug, for the whirlpool of thoughts to rest, for the tears to flow and finally sleep…blessed sleep takes over, easing the brain and the body, relaxing and lulling every part of me to inactivity.

When I wake up, I see bright sunshine and a pair of brighter, twinkling eyes, I read the smile in them, about to break into a giggle and I eat apples sitting in my bed and feel I can conquer the world and every obstacle in it!