Being a mom is the best thing in the world!


Motherhood is the best and most important job in the world.

God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers…

Then why the F*** aren’t the men queuing up for this job?? (I mean not the conceiving and carrying the baby for nine months and beyond- thats well, pretty obvious..but a SAHM job and I think its because its unpaid and unappreciated! )

I agree motherhood is rewarding, wonderful and a blessing. But is it enough?

Not for me! It is a relationship, which is bound to change over time, to give some and take some, but to make it the center of my existence, my identity…is something that is not palatable to me.(You know when you feel something is just not right but don’t yet have the logical reasons to explain to others or to yourself, why you feel so strongly about it… that’s the sorta thing I am speaking of.This post is an attempt of sorts at trying to explain why I feel this way 🙂 )

To have a complete, satisfying life I need to define myself as more than a mother.(Please note that this is not judgmental  if you are happy being just a mom..then Yay! good for you). There are very few women who are just ‘moms’..they identify themselves as home makers (Another unpaid, under-appreciated job!) and every one of them I have met, feel the need to add something else to their identity than just a relationship, be it of a wife/mother. This is the feeling I am speaking about!

If motherhood is all that it is jazzed up to be, then we would be complete with just that. Women need more than that to survive, to thrive. They need to follow their interests, pursue their dreams and LIVE. The mould that we are supposed to fit into is one of sacrifice, forgiveness,tolerance…

But we at some point need to learn to take care of ourselves, to live life the way we want and not feel guilty about it all !

Being a 24/7 mom can get to you when its a lot of snot wiping, bum washing, feeding and sleeplessness.

We all surely love our kid/s, but then lets spare some of that love for ourselves. We are important too. A happy, satisfied and successful (and don’t let others define either your satisfaction or success) mother = A happy well adjusted child!

Shouldn’t this be our new mantra? whatcha think?