“Superwoman who?” you say. Drum-roll please- aaaaaand it is..it is…. It is me. Really it is…at-least that’s what my son believes and I would like to as well.

When I told him yesterday that I was going to attend a technical course near ‘race course’ road, he asked me if it had to do anything with racing horses! I explained to him that near that road, they do race horses. With a very solemn expression he looked at me and said (and I quote) “Amma you can do it. Win the race and get that prize”. I am so proud that my son thinks I can even do something like that!

(On a side note, I have had horrible luck with horses. I always get the mad ones! The horses and yaks in Darjeeling where we honeymooned had a tendency to try and throw me off very steep cliffs. The mule I sat on in Uttaranchal  where the pathway was all but three feet wide and then a steep fall, felt the need to bite the bum of the horse in front and get kicked and do the heee-haaw. Now imagine me racing horses :P)

He has grown up on stories about NT4 machines fighting with Windows 2008,and the Windows 2003 server, who brings about ceasefire. He can tell you what a secure channel is in his own sweet little way! (It comes from having a mom in technical support :P)

Today when I told him that I need to go early to office to troubleshoot a tricky issue, all he caught was ‘shooting’ and said “Wow amma”!

He seems to think that i have the most adventurous and interesting job in the whole wide world.

On second thoughts maybe I do..that of being his mom!