And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)


                                       -Dr.Seuss (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!)

I must be the proudest proud mommy around! (Yes, have been reading a bit too much of Dr.seuss…if there can be such a thing!!).My son and myself went on a day trek to Makalidurga to the beat the school re-opening blues.( I am not sure which one of us feels bluer…).


Anybody who has read my posts will know how much I love the mountains. I wanted to share some of that love with my son too. I was super excited since my son would be part of something that occupies a huge a place in my heart…but I was also a bit scared that he might not like it at all! You can never tell with kids!

That said, we bought him a new pair of trekking shoes at Decathlon and off we went.

Boy-oh-boy!! It was a revelation to watch him climb up the steep tracks..that too in the middle of the day with the sun threatening to melt the skin off our necks! He was a mountain goat, nimble and sure-footed, effortlessly climbing, turning back now and then to call me a ‘slow coach’!

As he took the lead and as he realised that he was good at this, I saw his confidence bloom. He was more chatty, enthusiastic to open up to other kids and the sometimes shy kid that I see had disappeared!! I saw him walk with the trek leads to see another ‘view point’ when most of us had given up and were resting in the shade.

He made friends, learnt about being patient and persevering and about pushing your own boundaries and limitations – mental and physical, that nothing but something like a trek can teach. He knows now that when he wants to give up, there are huge reservoirs of strength that he can call upon, deep within!The most wonderful change is in his level of confidence.

He may not be able to express in so many words, but as a mother, I know that he knows…I see a definite change in his attitude. He also knows when to respect his body’s needs and take a break. Hard to believe that he learnt all this in a single day, but treks are magical! They reinforce life lessons like nothing else!

A huge round of applause and gratitude to the trekking group – Indiahikes for thinking of organising something like this for kids and parents. There is definitely scope for improvement in the way the transport and the trek timings were managed, but the intentions and the efforts are definitely praiseworthy!

We will always remember the steep climbs, the ginger chikkis,sliding down the heated up boulders and our pants melting away!, Shubhankar explaining about different angles of the body and centre of gravity and his smart lesson on climbing down. I am thankful to both the trek leads for raising awareness about plastic waste and littering. I am glad that on every trek that I have been to with Indiahikes, cleaning up the trek path has always been a priority. (This is not a sponsored article!!)

We made memories that day, ones that he will hopefully remember with a smile!

The ultimate question—Will I take my son on a trek again?

The answers is a …………..A resounding yes!!