I have been doing little experiments with myself! Half of my friends are going to snigger and the other half will get worked up and worried. But there it is…I should probably call it “My experiments with truth and other stuff” (as pompous as it sounds, I will risk it!).

I have been trying to push myself out of the comfort zone. To go out there and live. To be excruciatingly honest with myself and others in my immediate circle. To find new experiences, to discover different ways of doing the same thing.

I deactivated my Facebook account. It suddenly hit me one fine day as I liked and commented on a friend’s baby photo that our relationship had become virtual. I no longer had her number and in the days of yore I would have at-least called her and spoken to her. I wanted to push myself to make that sort of effort with the people in my life.But am I going to be off FB forever? Honestly, I don’t know! (I am getting more comfortable with the ‘I-don’t -knows’ and the ‘maybe-s’ in my life.)

I had a very honest conversation with a long lost friend and found that brazen, blatant, honest conversations provide you with a peek into your own self. I want more of those!

I also turned around the attention that I was giving others and the problems in my life onto myself. Books that I love to read, people that I want to be with and it was difficult learning to put myself first. That too, I discovered comes with practice! It is something that I know I need to inculcate unless I want to end up depleted.

I realised that I am happy only when I am learning. I need to keep learning about love, life, travel, cooking….

I started a small little garden and found how rewarding growing something can be. That my baby was also equally enthusiastic about this endeavor made it more special.

I read a few very interesting books. Who knew Agatha Christie could write about love and life and so well at that!

I had always associated her with the brilliant yet eccentric Hercule Poirot or the clever old Miss. Marple.

Do read her books under the pseudonym of ‘Mary Westmacott‘ – ‘The rose and the yew tree’/’The unfinished portrait’/’Absent in the spring’/’A daughter’s a daughter’ to name a few.

Pink – another movie which held my thoughts in its grasp for a couple of days atleast. A good movie which certainly sparked off discussions and brought awareness about the legal rights of women.

The Pink Sheep – Mahesh Natarajan.

A book about homosexual love. We fear and abhor what we don’t understand. This book definitely drives home the point of how natural and normal homosexual love is. This book is different from others in the sense that it doesn’t glorify the struggles of homosexuals or say how all of them are good. It deals with their fears, heartbreaks, deceits and life which makes it endearing and as a human anyone can relate to those emotions.

This book leads me to a new restaurant  (I first saw the book here)that a friend introduced me to. It is the Yogisthaan cafe in Indiranagar. The best masala chai I have had in ages and a calm environment to boot, books to read and wonderful organic stuff that you can buy. You ought to try their organic jaggery with chai and I promise you, this will elevate the humble chai to a whole new level!

I also ended up reading ‘One Indian Girl‘ by Chetan Bhagat. Oh boy! the man cannot write- nope, nada – zilch!

But he brings across the point very well that women need to give themselves permission to be successful, to be more than mere decorations. In the book, an IIM-A grad still rates herself by the size of her boobs and the color of her skin.

That women are forced to chose between a flight of success or the nest of their homes is another point that is brought forth. Also how women are forced to work in timings that were first set by men and that there is no acknowledgement that women’s needs differ or the lack of efforts in the direction of accommodating a working woman’s needs does come through in the final chapters.

The writing is horrendous. The conversations between the female protagonist and her inner voice – the one she calls ‘mini-me’ are yawn inducing.

I have a few more books in my kindle that I plan to get on to, places that I plan to travel to, foods to cook and eat, watching my young one grow and bloom, people to meet…life definitely looks exciting!!

After keying in this rant, it had me wondering what prompted me to it??

The year end review at office is my best bet!

This, then my friends is my true year-end review and I would definitely rate myself an exceeded expectation !!