Hello netizens,

Disclaimer: I am not doing this as part of any animal right activism or for religious or socio-political reasons.

I am Lactose intolerant and the past year, this seems to have flared up. I have severe cramps after an ice-cream or a cup of tea or coffee, followed by a trip to the bathroom!(I have had to give them up obviously :()

I was first diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance after I gave birth. The situation has just got progressively worse.

I am still able to ingest yoghurt/curds, buttermilk, cheese (unable to digest it with the maida pizza base- its like a double whammy!) and paneer (lately started giving minor trouble).

So I am on a diary free journey for 21 days. 21 just seems like a good doable number!

I am worried about finding calcium and Vitamin D vegetarian sources and wondering whether I need to start taking supplements. My mother and grandmother both suffer from arthritis and I sure don’t want to end up there.

I am going to be documenting each day of my attempt at going dairy free very honestly. Please hold me accountable peeps!

Day 1:

Starting weight:

58 Kilos.


45 minutes of suryanamaskar (around 30 of them)

Food diary:

Early morning snack – 1 small elakki banana.

Breakfast – Upma (no curds on the side …booohoooo)- 1 cup.

Lunch – 1 cup of brown rice with brinjal and onion sambar. Also drank some extra watery-sambar from office cafeteria to make up for lack of buttermilk.

Snacks – 1.5 boiled, whole eggs.

1 glass of green tea.

1 cup -Pongal with channa masala and mixed veg subji

0.5 cup of brown rice and sambar.

Water intake:

3 liters.

Mental and physical changes:

I have been observing myself a bit too critically, but no major changes to report. Burps and gassy feeling still present. A pimple appearing on the side of the cheek. Maybe totally unrelated to my experiment.

No major withdrawal symptoms, but being a bomman ka bacha definitely missing curd rice and curd with upma/lemon rice/curds with sugar, etc 😀

Day 2:

I will not bore you with the small little details. 😀

Mom made maajige huli (yogurt sauce with vegetables). Found it very hard to resist. Ate only sambar rice but drained the yogurt and had the veggies from majjige huli.

Day 3:

Ran 12 km. Was craving for curds. But sailed through the day on onion pakodas instead 😛

Day 4:

Gentle yoga and stretching.

Ate a couple of spoons of vegetable biriyani without raitha! Heart breaking moment. Who would have thought giving up diary would have been so difficult?!

More brownie points for not wolfing down the half eaten chapati roll with cheese left over from my son’s breakfast 😀 :D.

Day 5:

On a whim subscribed for a yoga series called ‘Empower’ by my favourite netizen – Adriene.

No dairy. It is getting easier by the day to live without dairy. Making it a point to eat eggs daily.

Sweating it out with yoga.

Day 6:

No big deal. But my lunch mates got a crash course on lactose intolerance :P. They are dumbstruck at me giving up on paneer which used to be a staple dish on my plate.

Day 7:

Close friend’s birthday at work. Bought the cake but didn’t eat a bite, ate like a small grain of the cake itself. Strangely didn’t crave for it or get tempted.

General observation-A lot of the junk like biscuits chocolates and pizzas and so many packaged items get eliminated when you eliminate dairy from your diet!

Day 8:

PMS – raging hormones. Physical discomfort way lesser, however an emotional roller coaster. Maybe because I am going through personal upheavals as well. Lack of physical discomfort can be attributed to going dairy free.

Day 9:

Periods start. Cramping badly. Yoga comes to the rescue. Manageable without medication.

Day 10:

Living without dairy becoming very easy. Yoga again!

Day 11:

No temptations…easy peasy!

Day 12:

Client visit prep. Lunch at work, ordered from outside for everyone. Still managed to side step dairy! Pat on the back for me.

Still burping. Hoping the antigens get flushed out in another few days.

Day 13:

Hectic day at work. No dairy yet. Brilliant yoga session in the morning.

Day 14:

NO dairy…nada..not for me 🙂

I powered through 21 days of no-diary. Worst side effect was that I lost a lot of hair and had dull skin.

I will never do that again. I am eating a lot more ghee now and back to my lactose free milk and the normal curds and everything is right with my world :D….