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A couple of days ago, as I prepared to snuggle in for a well deserved siesta, I felt a sharp pain on the eyelid of my right eye and then the itching started…I rubbed and scratched till I managed to find and squelch the culprit, a small red ant.

I went to a family gathering with a swollen eyelid is worth another story, but I wont digress, I promise!

The ant bite and me crushing it so easily led to a completely different set of thoughts – thoughts of floods in Chennai and loss of life.

Before you decide to close the browser window, spare another minute or two….

What if the earth was a giant, breathing, throbbing ball of life? What if like the ants we are just not able to see the big picture, since we are, well, very very infinitesimally small?!

What if she (earth) decides we are just the red ants irritating her, causing her eyelid to swell, when she wants to look gorgeous for the party that all the planets are going to?! She would probably want to get rid of us too…maybe just gently wash us way with a lot of rain or a tsunami, or just shake us off with an earthquake, or perhaps keep the area dry and make sure it gets lot of sunlight and air, till the pesky little humans, who are so very much a blight on her gorgeous self, drop off!

This entire idea suddenly seems so much plausible to me as I put it into words.

Take a look at what I found on google (of course!) –

“The human body contains about 100 trillion cells, but only maybe one in 10 of those cells is actually — human. The rest are from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.It is more like a complex ecosystem—a social network—containing trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that inhabit our skin, genital areas, mouth and especially intestines. In fact, most of the cells in the human body are not human at all. Bacterial cells in the human body outnumber human cells 10 to one.”

We are not even independent within our own body, we are not who we think we are!

The existence of our species, does not matter to anyone but us. If we as a specie cease to exist, nature would reclaim what is rightfully her’s and a new species, maybe one more intelligent than the dumb-asses that we are, would arise.Maybe this intelligent specie wouldn’t be so hellbent on eradicating their own existence and life on earth will go on, one way or the other.

Dinosaurs and several other species were wiped out, because they could not adapt. We might go the same way, because instead of adapting, we thought that we could change the mighty earth to suit us. Much like the ant that probably thought it was going to have a brilliant future, full of…well whatever it is that ants care about, when it bit my eyelid, and we all know the fate of that poor ant!

So when I see statuses on FB which proclaim in heroic fashion to save mother earth, I cringe a little , for it is the false bravado of a braggart, who thinks he can, or even needs to save something that is far beyond his understanding and grasp.

The message that should probably go out, is to save our own backsides, which in turn translates to learn to adapt and live as part of nature and that might in the end, be what appeals to our inherently selfish gene!


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