Anyone who has known me since some time know that though I have never been very fat, I have never been thin as well.

Just refer to my old post

After a baby I had put on a bit of weight that I needed to lose. (I actually put on all this weight after delivery..under my mother’s loving care- aka bananthana :P).

There are some things that have worked for me and those I want to share with all of you. (The generous soul that I am :P)

I am calling it the commonsense diet cos, it really is just that. Follow your bodies signals and you will do just fine.Cut out unhealthy fats, eat a lot of veggies. Indulge yourself now and then (Think corner house ice creams!! 😀 )

I have to thank a girl I met in my new company for introducing me to this diet. I have tweaked it a bit to suit me and you could too. It is something that is sustainable and will not make you unhealthy.

The diet mantra:

smaller portions + more frequent meals.

The diet: (I am going to be copy pasting what I got from my friend. I am not too sure from which website she downloaded this from. )

The assumption is that the day begins at 6 am and ends at 11 pm. Chart can be modified to suit requirements.


Water consumption : 1 litre per 20 kilo of body weight (Eg: 3 litres if you weigh 60 kilos)

Protein consumption:  1g per kilo of body weight (Eg:  60g if you weigh 60 K)

Exercise:  Definition is anything that gets you out of your bed/couch and keeps u moving (Eg: Simple walk, jog/run, gym, aerobics, dance, yoga, pilates, gardening……)

PP’s tweak: Play with your kid. that qualifies as exercise and fun as well 🙂

Golden rules of the diet:

1. Never start the day with coffee/tea

2. Stay true to your native diet (Eg: If u r a kannadiga, anna saru works best for you and not pasta)

3. Never stay hungry

4. Take small meals every 2 hrs (Eg: If u are awake for 14 hrs, u need to have a min 7 meals)

5. Dont set ridiculous goals . Keep them small ( Eg: Dont think of losing 20 kilos overall . Think 2 kilos each month)

Sample diet, assuming your day begins at 6 am and ends at 11 pm:

6:00 AM – Wake up

6:15        –    Fruits

Any fruit of your choice (apple, orange, banana, grapes….).
Do not cut fruit (unless its papaya or watermelons, in which case make big pieces). Other fruits to be eaten without being cut. NO MORE FRUITS FOR THE DAY. MUST BE EATEN WITHIN 20 MINS of WAKING UP !!!

PP’s tweak: Treat yourself to fruits in the middle of the day if there is a lack of any other healthy snack. Just don’t have them with sugar/honey!

6:45 – 07:30 – Excercise

Any activity of your choice

8:15  –  Breakfast

Any breakfast of your choice (idli, upma, dosa, poori, chapathi….)

10:15 – 10:45 – Lunch

rice + curd+palya) . Best time to eat rice. AGAIN ONLY HALF UR REGULAR SERVING SIZE)

01:15 – 01:45 – Snacks

Sandwich (without butter, cheese, maiyonnaise…) or chapathi’s or
sprouts or lassi (no sweet no salt), milk

PP’s tweak: I have anna sambar the first time around and have curd rice for the second round. Works well 🙂

04:00 – 04:30 – Tea

Tea/coffee with rusk (no biscuits, cookies or crackers) or peanuts
(plain roasted and not fried or coated)

PP’s tweak:A handful of dry fruits-almonds, cashews, dates…make for a yummy and healthy source of good fats. they are like tasty vitamin pills. Go for it.Also you can indulge in a couple of cookies now and then..just remember to limit the number.

06:30 – 07:00 – Snacks

Sandwich (without butter, cheese, maiyonnaise…) or chapathi’s or
sprouts or lassi (no sweet no salt), milk

PP’s tweak: I love masalapuri. So i have this understanding with the chaat centre in my office where they give me the masalapuri without the poori or the sev on the top. I just have a load of veggies with the yummy masala 🙂

08:30 – 08:45 – Dinner

chapati+palya) . Best time to eat chapathi. AGAIN ONLY HALF UR REGULAR SERVING SIZE)

10:45 – Bed

Only if u r really hungry, u may have a cup of warm milk

PP’s tweak: I usually love having a few pieces of dark chocolate on a few nights 😛

PP’s super tweak: Any fatty food you want to have, have them right in the morning. Your body metabolism is revved up and the chances of the fat getting stored on your problem areas is comparatively lesser.

These are the supportive references I have found for this diet: 

What you are doing by eating small and frequent meals is fooling your body into thinking that there is alot of food coming in and since the body feels that there is no scarcity of food, it doesn’t go into fat accumulation mode (it’s the evolutionary ‘store fat for periods of famine and starvation’ instinct of the body that we are going against.).

Effectively, just means that the metabolic rate of the body is increased.

Great effects of this diet that I have seen:

1) Your digestive issues greatly reduce. (gastric problems almost get resolved.)

2) Bowel moments regulate.

3)There is no drowsy /lethargic feeling (the way you feel after eating mountains of rice or deep-fried food) and you feel energetic throughout the day.

Here is wishing you all a happy healthy and a fit life ahead 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a certified medical practitioner or nutritionist. So try this at your own risk.